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14 Guys in 14 Days - Stephen

I am in my office! With the door closed! My space! My Fortress of 'Songitude!

Okay. I've settled down. *ahem* (For the uninformed - I went almost 10 years without a room of my own, where I can shut the door.)

This is the father of (in chronological order) Tessa, Alanna, Katrianna, and, unknown to him, Julia. (And yes, he's had this name since 1990, it's not a recent shift. :P )

Things herein could be categorized as spoilers maybe I guess. I dunno. I'm not keeping any of it secret. I don't think there's much here that you won't learn within the first 6-10 issues, and I don't think it really matters if you know the bare facts ahead of time, so whatever. *shrug*

I went long on this one, because it covers thirtysomeodd years.

Name: Stephen ni'Tamra

Background: Stephen and his brother Alex were teenage runaways who ended up in New Orleans, and met another set of sibling runaways - Katrina and Trinacy Stone. Trin and Alex halfheartedly attempted dating, but they simply had no chemistry... Stephen and Katrina, on the other hand, were hot, heavy, and dangerously intense. This ended, as such things do, with a knock-down drag-out fight of the first degree... and Stephen discovered and joined the Council, seduced by the intense power they held. Like Katrina, he'd always had a dark side.

A decade or so later, the plan to breed and control the next Lishaya was hatched, and the Council determined which known Tamrani women were strong enough to potentially produce a Lishaya... the two most likely were Katrina and Trinacy, and Trin had had a hysterectomy following her difficult pregnancy and the traumatic birth of her son. Citing past history with Katrina, Stephen brought her in, and their sexual relationship rekindled with a vengeance. Only a year later, she gave birth to Tessa - their aberration, the child who bore nothing close to Lishaya-like power. And Steven sent her away. Katrina, though lacking in maternal instinct, objected and attempted to leave Stephen - at which point he made it quite clear that she was a prisoner, not a guest. He began dosing her with Jericho, a drug that represses Dasaroi gifts, and locked her in a prison suite. (The doses only ceased during pregnancies.)

Their next child was Alanna, who was taken by the Council and presented as the next Lishaya - which they regretted when Katrianna, far more powerful than her sister, was born.

Katrina suffered one more pregnancy - then, to all outward appearances, died giving birth to a stillborn daughter.

At this point, the Council decided that their mission had been accomplished. The main branch of the Council raised Alanna in Shayara, and Stephen personally raised Katrianna on their island compound. He also took charge of his illegitimate son Trey when Trey was fifteen and Katrianna twelve.

Stephen is one of the few Dasaroi we'll get to know who has a job in the outside world; he's highly placed in A Major Corporation... evil slick corporate bastard, scary in a cold and quiet way, and intolerant of mistakes and failures.
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