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Capri and Halloran, by proto-'song, age 14 or so

Daniel Steven Halloran and his brother Mark were raised in the city orphanage. Mark took it as his life's purpose to rescue other kids from the system; Daniel (aka Halloran) just wanted to forget.

During the reigns of Tashina and Allegra, purges of families including Tamrani blood were common. Mark was killed trying to prevent the death of a half-Tamrani girl named Capri. Capri's whole family had been massacred by Hounds. She barely managed to keep herself alive long enough for Halloran to arrive and help her kill the aggressors.

Since he was 18 and she was a minor, he could either claim her life and do with her whatever he wished, or turn her over to the orphanage. He chose to claim her. With the help of Connor and Grace Spencer, he began raising her like a daughter or sister.

Capri was a very streetwise little girl. She got in good fast with a street gang, whose leader saw in her a shadow of his sister, who had been beaten to death the previous year by Hounds. He took care of her on the street, Halloran at home, Connor and Grace for education, and Grace for female matters. She's become quite sexually voracious in recent years.

So! Yes. Capri and Halloran - and an underdeveloped Fenris - predate the rest of the story by about two years. Major differences - Capri doesn't need to be hidden. The Purges are ongoing - I like it better now that they're one horrific night. Soulbonds didn't exist in the story yet, so they don't have one, and they never develop a romantic relationship. We don't let people claim other people as, essentially, slaves. As previously mentioned, Allegra's name is now Alanna. Halloran and his brother - now named Michael - had a nice home life with loving parents. Fenris has a name now - and a way deeper connection to Capri; the street gang is no longer just a street gang.

This is before this was Shayara. Before the concept of the Dasaroi was even half-formed. Just a slightly-alternate world.

But Capri and Halloran have survived, living in my brain for over half my life. Capri still saw her parents killed, was still rescued and raised by Halloran. And she's still happily promiscuous. :) Some things simply didn't change.


Hm. More - they were best friends & occasional roommates when they grew up. They were always tiny/tall & built, quiet/vivacious... Halloran got a haircut! His hair was originally shoulder-length. He's always had the gorgeous tawny eyes. Capri's hair used to be curly; now it's wavy.
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