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My old character book

Omigod, some of these names are so totally embarrassing. No, I'm not telling. If you buy me a chai I'll tell you, though. I'm a mercenary little wench.

Omigod Shawn's original first name SO SUCKED. I'd forgotten I was gonna call him that.

Omifuck I can't BELIEVE I actually gave someone that code name. I'm so embarrassed. I was fifteen, but still, man. Ouch.

Holy shit, man, I gave a character the name Gary Callahan like 10 years before Transmet came out.

Out of, shit, um, a LOT of these things, let's see who's still in the story! Wow, Alanna's foster mother. Totally forgot about her. She so doesn't fit anymore. Anyway!

Mainstorytype Characters: Michael Cameron, Jr.; Jason (who used to have a last name); Hey! Aloka - now Amy - Blake!; Aisling "Napalm" Fisher; Tessa "Facade" Harlowe - who now goes by her birth-last-name of Stone; Trey ni'Tamra; Anais Rowan; Johnathan, whose last name used to be Valois; Annie Farrell; Tia Rosewood; Tony Lowell; Liana Farrell; Martin Telenias; Sara Tallart; Capri Donnelly; Daniel Stephen Halloran; Fletcher Kelly; Connor and Grace Spencer; Alanna - whose name *was* Allegra, but then they named a damn allergy medicine Allegra!; Corey - whose name is now Julia; Tyka; Cadell "Glitch" Brooks.Katrina and Trinacy Stone.

Tangentially: Trinity Benson; Michael Cameron, Sr.; Tim Crispin; Dr. Scott Daly; Jareth Randall; Daniel Calhoun; David "Crucible" Hammond; Ariana "Sonic" Lowell (this was pre-hedgehog); Chandra Tallart; Juliet Tallart; Kelly Tallart; Solange and Colin Telenias; Thomas and Zylla Malachite; Aneirin Tamson (yes, THers, before I discovered de Lint); Rose Red; Stiletto; Daniel and Gabriella Rowan; Megan and Chad Hammond; Nicholas Powers.

Out of loooots of characters. So many are missing from this book!

I've gotten rid of so much. The short story collections, the Project Chrysalis arc, the fantasy crossovers, the Nexus compound in NY, The Killing Game, the Silvergreen flashback...

Tessa, Napalm, Aloka-now-Amy, and Johnathan were a team from the very beginning.

Brendan crossed over from another novella. Which was, um, a zombie thing. Yup. I write horror, too. Badly, probably. Oooh, Keith Whittaker crossed over from a supernatural horror story. I read way a lot of horror as a teenager.

I'm digging through the file cabinet now. Jeez. Some of these title... *wince*

Oh, a horrible postapocalyptic wasteland story. Oh man. Oh, a King Arthur-in-modern-times story. Oh, I'm so sorry.

Oh, a Les-Mis-in-the-80s.

Oh, my very first story - science fiction - later expanded into a series.

So many characters-coming-back-from-the-dead or sticking-around-as-ghosts stories. I was such a Christopher Pike.

My first character with MPD/DID. Each personality had different powers.

Yay bad poetry! Except, well, NOT.

I have a "gratuitous sex scenes" folder.

I originally killed Annie on page one of book two of the storyarc that's now Shayara. Now I'm re-reading the prologue to book one. OMIGOD this sucks. I'm so embarrassed. It's almost as bad as the story Yendi MST3Ked. I was obviously so proud of my 50-cent words. I was 13, okay? Pellucid, trembling petals. On the talking flower. Minstrels set down their instruments, awestruck. Oh, this is horrible. Oh, man.

I still had my penchant for brutal murders, though. I was a bloodthirsty little kid.

Annie and Nicholas have been a couple since the very first story. Hee!

"This is an organization to fight evil, not a singles club!"

Okay, I'm just gonna sit down and read this shit now.
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