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14 in 14

Okay. The 14 Guys in 14 Days seriesthingie? Done.

There was a storysnippet in Kristian's, btw.

I'll transcribe the remaining ones - Alanna & co.'s father, Trey, Brendan (Jeramie's second-in-command), Victor, and Joseph - when I get home probably.

So by popular request, I'm opening the field to the ladies of Shayara. I've already had a request for Julia, though she'd give you a Look if you called her a lady. I am taking requests for the other 13. Anyone want to see a particular character?

As further evidence that I am not in control of this situation, this situation being the story in general, I present you with the following conversation, which occurs when a few of the Kirayth are sent out to do some very particular damage...

Quint: Okay, we're going to do this quick and dirty.

Matthew: Do you ever not speak in cliches?

Victor: Hey, quick and dirty sounds fun to me..

Matthew: Do you ever not speak in double entendres?

Joseph: Do either of you ever shut the fuck up?

Victor: It's my defense mechanism.

Quint, rolling his eyes: This is the wetworks team Fenris assigns me? Gods help us.

Matthew, whispering: Showoff.

Victor, whispering: Slut.

Matthew: Jealous?

Victor, smirking: Ask her who's better.

Joseph: Do we have to separate you two?

Quint: Don't make me turn this mission around and go home.

Matthew & Victor in unison: Are we there yet?
Tags: shayara, shayara.joseph, shayara.kirayth, shayara.victor
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