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Happy Wednesday!

Happy birthday to alladinsane, gev, lerage, and tsiankiio!

Hello to new readers moocowrich and moss_fairy!

Seizure Lass
For those not on my f-list... Monday night, I had my first seizure in a little over 6 months. I feel very back-to-square-one. I feel very angry. Because the side effects of my medication are hell, and my seizures are hell, and it is not fair that I should have to deal with both at once. And if it turns out that this medicine is too harsh on my system and can't control the seizures... well, this is apparently "the cleanest drug we have in terms of side effects". So. I dunno. They drew my blood, they're going to take a look, I'll have some answers in the next few days, and they're working me into my neurologist's schedule. But yeah. I've got a lot of anger about that.

Stress is my main seizure trigger, so it's unsurprising that this came after a weekend of me putting far to much pressure on myself. After, actually, a month of putting too much pressure on myself. But this weekend I really pushed myself. I am unaccustomed to having limitations.

My parents say that I push myself in general, that I need to "not do so much". My friends also note that I do a lot. My writing, kidstuff when it's not summer, hosting LEWD every week, keeping up with friends individually when I can, house projects, other major activities, etc... "How can you do so much stuff?" But to me, it's like breathing. This is What I Do. I don't see anything that I can not do.

Geek Lust
Not lust for geeks. I have that as well, mind. It's been... well, since my ex-husband, who was an idiot in general, since I've dated a man who hasn't been a computer geek, and they're generally sci-fi and comics geeks as well.

But. Different kind.

Mama wants. I already have one of the microbes, the Common Cold, thanks to beowabbit - but they have Bookworms now!

I so totally need to update my ThinkGeek wishlist.

EDIT: Ohmygollygosh. I've actually been looking for a cool welcome mat...

FURTHER EDIT: Oi! ThinkGeek carries theferrett's book!

Watched it for the first time last night. Dude. Plot holes you could drive a heard of elephants through. Side-by-side, even. But y'all were right, the gun katas totally got me hot.

That is all for now, I think.
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