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14 Guys in 14 Days - Kristian

After this, I'm out of prewritten ones and taking requests.

Name: Kristian ni'Ziroth
Origin: Shayara

Background: Kristian is the oldest of the Talthar Kithrayna - and, though he'd never say it in so many words, that's primarily because he keeps his mouth shut.

Kristian is our ascetic, our recluse. He truly has - and needs - no outside relationships. He watched the chatter and bombast of the younger generation and sniffs haughtily. He is always stiffly formal.

House Ziroth is left alone by the Council because Kristian has never acted or spoken against them. And Kristian is an old-fashioned and highly responsible Kithrayn - his House comes before all else. If Ziroth will gain no profit, he will not move.


Kristian was watching the younger Kithrayna chat, his frown deepening. Donna touched his arm lightly. "Kristian? Are you all right?"

He turned to face her, coat flaring slightly. "You ask me to entrust the fate of my House to children," he said abruptly.

"They are you, yes - but strong, passionate."

"Too young. Too naive."

"They do listen to the counsel of their elders..."

"When it suits them to do so." He sighed heavily. "They fight the wrong enemy, Donna. They believe themselves to be at war with this Alanna. Alanna has very little to do with this. The Council was here before she was born; if they are not stopped, they will be here long after her death. They are your enemy."

"Not 'our' enemy?"

Kristian looked down at her coolly. "They are no threat to Ziroth. Nor is Ziroth a threat to them."

"You will assist us, though - won't you?"

He gave her an unreadable look. "I will not plunge my House into a war between, as you and the children would say, 'good and evil'. I will not squander the lives of my people to play this game. Donna - if I know that you will succeed, I will stand with you. If I believe that you will not - I promise that I will not stand against you. And that will have to be enough."
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