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Happy Monday!

Happy birthday to beachsomewhere, bethr, and cheshyre!

Hello to new readers aurora_lamour, ksp24, pxdick, smileswhf, smjayman, and the_lady_aurora!

Guess What?
Our alarm's snooze button doesn't work!

This has afforded me the opportunity to realize that, if I don't wash my hair or eat breakfast, I can get out of the house in ten minutes. *sips takeout coffee*

EDIT: Yes, I remembered to take my medication. And I'm having a carrot/zucchini muffin.

Notes about the ballet post yesterday:
* I took ballet off and on for eight years when I was a kid. I'm familiar with it. :) This would be more of a refresher course and a way of going back to something I find beautiful. And it's not competitive dance like when I was a kid, so it's pressure-free.
* My sciatica stopped when I dropped the weight, proving my theory that it was the excess weight causing the problem. So that's no longer an issue.
* Honies, don't worry - I am very, very, flexible. :)

Regarding Gut Feelings
Had been having a feeling that I should call a particular friend. Had been pushing it away because I Don't Do phone calls, and because I didn't want to be a bother. Yesterday, I essentially got whacked upside the head with it - "CALL THIS PERSON!" And I did, and the call helped the person, so basically this is here as my reminder that I should listen to that little voice earlier on.

Okay. I go now.
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