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mermaidblue's party was most excellent. I often feel left out of things, uninvited - someone protested, "But you're always so busy!" I say, quoting Nicole Kidman as Virginia Woolf, "I am saying that even crazy people like to be invited."

mermaidblue has ever been an exception to this. *squishy hugs for the birthday girl*

So I was talking about my trip a little at dinner, and said that actually I was doing fine - to which sophocles said, "You're doing better than you think." I made the little hand-wiggly gesture that means "Please elaborate on this," and he continued, "Well, you don't generally write about how well you're doing. I mean you have a great kid, fiance, house-"

"I write about them!"

"But you also write about how... lost you are."

"Well, I'm that, too."

reprobayt has told me this as well - that my strength doesn't come across here.

I write everything. Everything everything everything. So my lost-ness gets displayed here, all my wibbling and self-esteem stuff. Because when I need to work shit out in my head, that's how I do it. I write.

And when I'm doing writing it out and beating it into submission, I'm fine!

I'm fine tonight. :) I got a lot of stuff done in the house, I ran my errands, and I went to a lovely birthday dinner and got to see friends I don't see nearly enough. And meet an LJless boy whose brain I think we broke.

Happy day. :)

Tomorrow... I'm actually not going to go to the wmga coffee tomorrow after all, because the girls are planning on proceeding directly to another writing group, at which point we're talking a minimum of 4-5 hours. And I only have these two days wholly to myself, so I'm hoarding every hour. I have the writing marathon itself a week from today, which will thoroughly rock.

But tomorrow, I make my house look nicer. And maybe watch a movie. I have some friends who've yet to see Shrek 2. Or Dodgeball, but that's brand new - Shrek 2 has been in theaters for some time, so not having seen that is inexcusable!

It is my weekend off and I am constantly blasting music and Accomplishing Things and this pleases me immensely.
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