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Up on shelves: art, science, history, travel, sports, pop culture (books, comics, TV, movies, music, and general), politics, humor, finance, general reference, Shakespeare studies, puzzles/games, food, gender studies, biography, autobiography, philosophy, and corporate culture.

More bookcases needed for comic reprint editions (Far Side, Calvin & Hobbes, etc.) and mythology/folklore for the main library area. These should be oak, as they're going in the dining room, which has oak paneling.

Bookcases in boxes for the remaining graphic novels. Must be built.

Bookcase built for gaming books; that's going in yendi's office.

I have three-shelf cases for language, books, and writing*; they just need to be carried downstairs. That, I need help with.

All of the books are out of their boxes and about 75% of them are shelved. Ph34r me.

I may actually get ambitious and try to build those two bookcases. After I go to Whole Foods. I have earned Whole Foods. I've earned JavaMonkey, really, but it's out of my safe driving radius, so poo.

I. Have done. A lot today. Yes.

And I promise that there will soon be posts about something other than book re-org. As soon as book re-org is done.

* Yes, these are three separate categories.
Language: yendi and I are thoroughly in love with language. All sorts of stuff on development of language, general etymology, origins of phrases; three big thick volumes just on American slang!
Books: Books about books. Yep. We love books so much that we have a whole shelf of books about 'em.
Writing: Well, duh. This is fun and varied; along with our dictionary and Strunk & White, we've got forensics books (Yendi writes mysteries that sometimes have murders), some historic references for period work, even baby name books for if we get stuck on character names - and, of course, writer's-market-type stuff.
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