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I never thought I'd say this.

It is sheer heresy to say this.

We... have too many books. *sob* *hides face*

Wait, wait, before you stone me in the town square, please understand this! The fiction section went up swimmingly... because I packed the books in order. They were slightly out of order due to some hardcovers not fitting where they ought to, but still. Painless.

I just alphabetized the graphic novels.

There are three bookcases' worth of graphic novels.

No, I'm not kidding.

And they were completely out of order, due to us not having had bookboxes and having had to frantically shovel books into boxes any which way we could the day of the move.

We have a few hundred big heavy graphic novels. That I stacked in order on the floor, emptying out every graphic novel book box. We only have one bookcase actually built (two more in boxes). So numbers through M are stacked on the floor.

I've been doing this since 5:30, 6:00.

My brain is saying "Keep going on the nonfiction! You can do it! Those shelves are already built, even! Go team!"

My back is saying "Bitch, don't even."

Pain worse than during the move.

Can't can't can't.

Must keep reminding myself that the pain will get worse if I keep going....

I want chai. *sigh*
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