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Regarding music (parts of this are Shayara bits)

Have you ever had the meaning of a song change on you? Say it's a song you've been listening to for a while, but now you realize that it spells out exactly how you feel about this and such a person or this and such a situation. And then you lose that song. It's gone specific on you.

It's worse when you realize that about a negative situation.

And then you realize that you keep playing the song over and over and hey, that's psychologically unhealthy, so! Out of the car it goes.

Okay, so that's a negative one.

What I like is when I find Lyric's voice in songs. It doesn't alter them at all in my head. It's just that these are things that she can hold on to, these can be her language.

The former on the way to lunch, and no, I don't think I want to say what artist and song it was at this time. :)

The latter is "Letter Read" by Rachael Yamagata. This is the free song on iTunes this week. No, no one's paying me to endorse this - I just really like the song.

Will quote lyrics later. Meant to now, but my brain is tangly from too many interruptions.


"And I'm afraid, and I can't breathe
And I'm in love with you, but you are not with me..."

One of the reasons Napalm bonds with Lyric the way he does is simply that, in a way, they both speak music. It's her sole method of communication, but it's definitely a very important thing in his life as well.

Which he's got in common with me, of course.

Johnathan will give him a hard time for hanging around with "the kid" so much, but Napalm says, "Dude, she's quoting Barry Manilow. I gotta get her more words."

I should do a little text sidebar about Shayara. I don't want to irritate longtime readers by explaining the story over and over, and I don't want to irritate New Kids by making them go WTF? all the time. *shakes head*

And I'm rambling and out to go, now that I've diverged from the point entirely. Not that the point was very point-y.

Tangent Lass strikes again!
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