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On being totawwy awone

So yendi's out of town.

I don't do well when yendi's out of town.

I'm fine during the day, mind. It's nighttime that freaks me out. I came home from the movie last night and pretty much searched the house, heart pounding. And I was unable to settle down. It took me forever to get to sleep.

I thought that it would be easier in this house. I mean, I have PTSD in general. But the old house had been broken into twice... so it felt Very Unsafe.

This house isn't Unsafe. New place. Different neighborhood. Very open street corner (the old house was very tree-shrouded). The odds that someone would even try to break in are low. I mean, really, the odds of home invasion anywhere are fairly low. But this is a pretty safe neighborhood.

But I can't sleep.

I used to ask people to sleep over when yendi was out of town. I want to try to not need that. Just... on edge.
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