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Happy Friday!

Happy birthday to captain_bob and joe_christ!

Happy early birthday to adric, amai_unmei, k_crow, mermaidblue, rosefox, static_eddie, and treadpath, all of whom advance a year over the weekend!

Hello to new readers bucketofribs, das_hydra, princessrini, silveraj, and sophiasgrrl!

Yendi Update
The plane arrived in Newark at 1 AM - he got to Princeton Junction via train at 2 AM, but guess what? The local trains from *there* don't start running til 5 AM. So he had to wait there for 3 hours.

Yeah. He was supposed to land at 4:30 PM yesterday. He just now got in. (Just got off the phone with him. He's going to bed now.)

Gmail Giveaway
Please recommend a good book in comments - first five will get Gmail invite codes! They are gone daddy gone!

Writing Log
Yesterday at lunch - a conversation between Halloran and Donna immediately post-Purges.

Unpacking Is
I woke up an hour earlier than usual today - and blasted through a bunch of boxes. Go me! Oh also, I broke down every single empty box and took them out to the trash. My carport is CLEAN. My next step is sorting the remaining books - graphic novels, then all of the nonfiction. And we are sticklers about our nonfiction section. History, biography, autobiography - pop culture is divided into books, movies, tv, and comics. So. Gives me a project.

Most of the rest of the boxes are YendiStuff - so my mission there is to consolidate boxes and stack them neatly as I can so I can work around 'em.

And then I have to go through the mounds of crap from Elayna's writing desk.

And I need help on those L-brackets so I can put her books away - because that's now the bulk of the mess in her room - book boxes!

Friending Frenzy
Still going strong. Still getting new bios. Dude.

Short-sleeved violet stretchy shirt. Jeans. My panties have Hello Kitty on them; my socks have sparkly cats.

Comics Prose, edited by Nat Gertler - short stories by comic writers and artists, including Peter David, Bill Mumy, Paul Dini, Max Allan Collins, etc... good stuff. I had not heard of this book - just saw it on the shelf in my old comic shop in Vegas. (Dude, the owner was tweaking hardcore.)

Look, just assume "unpacking" all weekend, 'k?

Saturday night: mermaidblue's birthday dinner!

Sunday: wmga Book Challenge Coffee. I only have 21 pages left in my monthly notebook - go me! satia, manifestress, the rest of you - how are you doing on yours?

Also - I need times for both of those events, guys. :P

Okay! So you?
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