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14 Guys in 14 Days - Ryan

Forgot to mention - New Kids? This is from my comic Shayara.

And this'll be the last one for today; I'll save the other three I've got pre-written for tomorrow. Because the people who couldn't care less about Shayara are getting irked by friends-page flooding, I'm sure. I'm nice like that.

Ryan's here by request of his #2 fan, melvh - sorry, Mel, I think m0usegrrl is his #1 fan. :) But here you go. Lots of background on Ryan.

Name: Ryan Grey ni'Lhri'nahr
Background: Ryan's a rare case. He "activated" completely in the wild - and through serious mental discipline, he deduced who and what he was, and found Shayara - and the appropriate contact people within - all by himself.

He arrived in the city at the age of seventeen and bent himself to scholarly pursuits. The result of this? Since he's partaken in intense and active study, he has more information at his fingertips than any of the others, who need to pore through ancestral memories to access theirs.

Ryan prefers to stay off the radar, his sole public vice being dancing. He's most often seen at Threshold, least often at Need.

Ryan's first relationship was with Michael Halloran (our Halloran's big brother); being the closest in age of the Talthar Kithrayna, they bonded swiftly. This lasted about two years - until Alanna killed Michael right in front of Ryan, thus beginning the Purges. Ryan's subsequent hatred of Alanna blinds him to ways in which taking advantage of her apparent interest in him could help the Talthar Kithrayna.

Otherwise, Ryan's an even-keel guy. Well-respected. A good person to turn to for advice; a person who listens, and will always keep your confidences. Happy. Content.

Except when you mention Alanna.

Theme Song: Paul Oakenfold, "Bullet in a Gun"
Tags: shayara, shayara.ryan
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