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14 Guys in 14 Days - Shawn

I'm trying to blast through these before my boss gets back from lunch!

New Kids - it's a writing exercise. Profiles of 14 male characters in 14 days. I'm making up for lost time due to my vacation. The form wasn't invented by me, I'm just using it. I recommend this project, though, seriously; it's fun, and you can learn quite a bit about the characters when you listen.

Name: Shawn Farrell
Origin: San Francisco, CA
Significant Other: Will be Katrianna ni'Tamra.
Orientation: Heterosexual. (It seems to be het-boy day!)
LiveJournal: shawnfarrell
Background: Shawn was raised in California by his mom; his dad died at an early age. Both of his parents are L'Arathi, but Shawn himself seems to be Tamrani. He had the most normal childhood of all of my characters. Shawn grew up riding bikes on summer afternoons; he had a treehouse and a puppy and a hamster named Harvey. Happy kid.

Until he hit 11.

When Shawn was 11, his powers hit in full force. He's a wild card... know one knew what he would have.

What he has is the power to create and move through dimensional rifts. When this power first activated... he just disappeared, screaming. His mother contacted Jason immediately and the two of them, working with Amelia and the Mother, managed to locate him and pull him out.

He proceeded directly from there to the Sanctuary, where he spent years learning and refining his powers to the point of absolute control. He'd become so accustomed to the Sanctuary that he was terrified to leave - he stayed on as an instructor until he was 22, when Jason gently advised him that he ought to strike out on his own. Citing intellectual curiosity, he decided to go to Shayara... the home that he's read about, been taught about, but never visited.
Tags: shayara, shayara.shawn
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