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14 Guys in 14 Days - Jeramie

No, I haven't forgotten! I did a bunch of these while I was in Vegas.

Here's Jeramie. Next up: Halloran, Shawn, Ryan, the Telenias, Jason, Kristian, and that makes nine; I need five more guys. Problem: I don't really know who I've talked about here enough for y'all to be curious! Do let me know who you'd like to see, else I'll go for the obscure ones.

Name: Jeramie ni'L'Arath
Origin: Shayara
Orientation: Heterosexual
Background: Jeramie's parents straddled the line between "good" and "evil". He didn't go to the Sanctuary, and the others didn't really get to know him til later. He's one of the oldest of the Talthar Kithrayna, in his forties.

Jeramie may be the strongest telepath in the city, save only the Telenias - a gift ideal for his position. He's the mole in the Council, and has managed to befriend Alanna.

He's frequently seen at Need - generally without Alanna.

He's the ultimate courtier, sly and inscrutable.

Soundtrack: "Papercut" by Linkin Park, "Flesh", by KMFDM. Not what he listens to. Who he is.
Tags: shayara, shayara.jeramie
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