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Fremont Street

On Monday night, we went to Fremont Street.

Fremont Street was the Strip before the Strip was the Strip. It's got all the old classic hotels - the Golden Nugget, etc. It had decidedly gone to seed in my time - dirty streets, dirty people. And, um, Glitter Gulch, where I danced. *decorous blush*

They have Disneyfied Fremont Street. It is now The Fremont Street Experience.

The streets have been paved over with concrete and blocked off. The street now has a roof. Yes, a roof. Which plays commercials. And a brief movie about alien abduction.

The Pioneer - you've seen him if you've seen pictures of Vegas - is outshined by this roof. A Vegas icon, dwarfed by Disneyfication.

It is clean. It has an entertainment complex. Kiosks. Fremont Street!

Flashback: The day I was hired at Glitter Gulch, I found a magnet at one of the cheapo gift shops that said "[legal name] is a Super Kid!" Which I had to be. As my unfortunate legal name is really uncommon (except in Hungary) - so I very rarely see anything with my name on it.

This Monday night, I went to the same gift shop, questing for my legal name again. Didn't find a damn thing. And then I realized... they do have my real name now. In fact, every gift shop in the world does.

So my cute cheapo Vegas mug says "Mom".
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