Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Happy Thursday!

Happy birthday to happypete, misskitten77, scathedobsidian, and spiritchaser1!

Hello to new readers ayalanya, alionunderaw, dreamsrundeep, lilituc, mmirabilis, and teediggy, and returning reader blackbird013! New Kids, I gotta warn you - I post a lot.

More posts will come, scattered over the next few days. The first was last night.

iTunes Find
Those of you with iTunes, go gram this week's free song, "Letter Read" by Rachael Yamagata. Because - wow. What a find! She reminds me a bit of dustyskinandall. Which is a Very Good Thing.

Blast from the Past
Marvel is doing a 2099 line again.

Giveaway #1
The first two people to tell me Spiderman 2099's secret identity - and the writer of Spiderman 2099 - get Gmail codes. You will need to give me both answers! EDIT: They're gone. :)

Giveaway #2
Locals - I have passes to a free pre-screening of The Terminal tonight at Regal Perimeter Point! First three local respondents get 'em. You can meet me there. I'm pretty sure I have a ride from manifestress and photognome. It's a 7:30 screening - but be early!

Catch up? Hah!
I have not read my friends page for a week. If you said something you want me to see, let me know!

And that is all for now.
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