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Having a wonderful here, wish you were time!


This may be the only time I post; the hotel charges $9.99/day for 'net access, poo! But we had stuff to do online already, so I'm being naughty.

Well, I've been being naughty this whole time. But. Anyway.

I did the going-back-to-old-haunts thing yesterday. I didn't fall apart. Yeah, I cried at one point. But I didn't fall apart. And I was right in feeling that I needed this; I truly did. No longer will the past loom over me like a big loomy thing.

THAT will be a post on its own, when I have time to do it justice!

Otherwise... we are having a most excellent time. Did WAY too much walking yesterday! Avoided sunburn. The Hilton is the hardest hotel in Vegas to get to,I swear, but totally worth it because we got tribbles there. Tribbles that vibrate and gibber like caffeinated toddlers when you beat them up. And a t-shirt with the cutest little sanrio-ified Klingon evar.


Oh! Oh! Oh! So they have these little trading-size cards, right? And they have call-girl pics on them. And phone numbers. They're ads. They're cute. And they're stuck in every available surface on the strip.

So Volta and I are treating this as a collectible card game.

We have like 6 Keris, if anyone wants one. We can trade you for a Monica. We only got one Monica.

Okay. He's whacking a tribble (that sounds SO WRONG) and eyeing me impatiently, so we hafta go down and buy show tickets now. Just... I'm having verymuch fun. *hugs* Bye!

EDIT: No, we're not staying at the Hilton; we're staying at Luxor.

I am decidedly groovy right now from wine.

Hell is the Hard Rock Hotel. In case you were wondering. But the cure for hell is apparently dinner at a very nice steakhouse with absolutely impeccable service.

Volta is on the potty, so I am on the laptop. La!

Tomorrow we go see Penn & Teller. Sunday, spa stuff; facial and a "sea salt glow" for me, and river rock massage for him. Which I may go for on Monday if he finds it totally orgasmic. I've never had spa stuff ever ever before, but I am having the deluxe treatment in general this week, so yes! spa. Also Sunday we are going to Aureole. I'd link you direct, but I got no clue how to open a new tab on his browser. Sad Christmas. You can look it up if you care - it's linked off of theferrett readers - it's the one he wrote about a bit ago, with the four-story wine tower. Very shiny.

volta, at dinner: "One of these days I am going to break your brain more than you break mine."
Me: "I doubt that very muchly."

For those who get concerned about this stuff: I am eating regularly, and I have not neglected to take my medication. Go me!

Okay. Going now. :)
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