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14 Guys in 14 Days

Installment 2 - going out by request of i_descend, it's Fenris. Next up will be Napalm (by request of piperdawn), then Jeramie (by request of twisteddaydream). Get a request in now if you'd like to see a particular guy...

EDIT: Halloran and Shawn are next after Jeramie. Requested by kyranjaye.

Name: Legal name: Seth Logan. Alias: Fenris.

Orientation: Hetero.

Origin: Shayara

Significant Other(s): Jessamyn ni'Tamra - later known as Jessamyn Donnelly. Romantic relationship til she fell for Marcus (still loving Seth; she's poly, but Seth isn't). Partners in many other senses til her death. There is no other, for Fenris.

Background: At the Sanctuary, Fenris was somewhat a mutt among purebreds. The year-group he found himself in was dominated by "aristocrats" - Jessamyn, and the kids who'd later grow up to sire the Halloran brothers and Kieran. Very archetypical of their Houses. Seth, however, was lower middle class *and*, as I say, a mutt - mostly Bartomn and L'Arath. He was surprised when Jessa took an interest in him - first as a friend and, later, as a lover.

Their relationship continued when they returned to the city - continued until she fell in love with Marcus as well. He couldn't bear to share - so he left her, which half-killed him. He threw himself into developing the Kirayth, the Pack - a "police force" on motorcycles, accepting men from every house. To serve and protect, indeed. He set himself up as, essentially, a shield against the Council.

Jessa's death pushed him even further - he seems less a person now than a force of nature. He's seen as hella hardcore and intimidating, but has a few friends who know him for the person he really is... most particularly Donna, the only other person who remains from that year-group.


If You Could Pick A Theme Song For This Character, It Would Be: Again - so many! Anything by Flogging Molly. "If I Ever Leave this World Alive" is a song he shares with Julia. Two of his primary songs are "The Gauntlet" by Dropkick Murphys and "Anything (Viva!)" by Scraping Foetus Off the Wheel.

EDIT: If you have a request, do try to get it in today, as I won't be checking LJ or, likely, e-mail during my vacation. I can write the on the plane or while volta's showering or whatever and then transcribe 'em when I get back.
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