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14 Guys in 14 Nights

I'm stealing this wholesale from illandaria. She says: "his was going around from several of the other writers on my friendslist. The idea is to post up profiles of 14 characters, one per day. And I think I have enough male characters I can do that with now."

I'm going to use the format bits that I wish to and callously disregard the rest (like the sins/virtues bit). Because I'm like that.

Also! I will take suggestions.

Name: Kieran ni'Narsan
Orientation: Bi. About 60/40 girl/guy attraction.
Origin: Shayara
Significant Other(s): Capri and Ryan are more playmates than they are significant others. He loves them both, but not in a committed-boyfriend/girlfriend/boyfriend/boyfriend-way. He's always had Julia in his heart, years before he met her.
Background: Kieran was born to the purple, so to speak - born and raised in Shayara with the knowledge that, upon maturity, he would be the Kithrayn of his house. His father left when he was nine, and his mother committed suicide when he was eleven. Donna ni'Tarak took him into her home, the Library, and raised him. He's had a bit of a pampered-pet status, as he's the youngest Kithrayn - Ryan's not significantly older than him, but enough that there's a tiny generation gap... and Donna, Kristian, and Jeramie are pretty much old enough to be his parents. His closest childhood friend was Capri, herself the daughter of the then-Kithraya of her House.

Kier's very mercurial, very good-natured - a bit of a dilettante to start with, which comes back to bite him in the ass. And more than a bit mischievous. The only thing that he's been consistently serious about? His destiny with Julia... a destiny that she denies, repudiates.

Appearance: He looks like this!

If You Could Pick A Theme Song For This Character, It Would Be: His theme genre is Celtic music... the song that's poking at me right now is Carbon Leaf's "The Boxer". And I know there are more. Wil check my iTunes playlist when I get home.

Who should I do next?
Tags: shayara, shayara.kieran
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