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Happy Tuesday!

Hello to new readers earthlaughs, gypsyjade, taisidhe, pheonix_arising, topographic, and returning reader kennfusion!

Quote of the Night
"If you take it up the ass, you are no longer a virgin."

My kid brother
eternalredneck came to LEWD last night! He hadn't met any of the attendees for more than a few minutes at manifestress's so this was an excellent chance for my "kid brother" to expose himself to new people.

Yes, that was intentional.

I adore ER and don't see him near enough...

Lunch with bheansidhe, packing, coffee with reprobayt. Got tomorrow's airport ride locked up - jet_li_wannabe is one of our grad students and therefore walks by my desk a dozen times a day, so it's easy to corner and threaten him if he does not obey my commands ply him with sweet entreaties.

Current Musical Obsession
Modest Mouse, "The World at Large". Speaks to the tumbleweed-girl in me.

Poor yendi... he's hearing it a lot...

Yesterday's Friending Frenzy is still getting new bios - do check back!

Okay. I go now. I am, however, likely to come back and edit this as new random thoughts occur to me.
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