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"You not supposed to tell a guy you gonna kill him no more. I gotta tiptoe through the tulips with these assholes!"
--Pappa Joe, Boondock Saints

I'm not supposed to tell the cute boy that I wanna kiss him. Not everybody operates on 'songlogic.

*does a little dance*

Don't worry. I didn't.

Tell him.

Or kiss him.

*dances aimlessly*

Longest. Day. Evar.

Until tomorrow.

And then the day after that.

I still cannot believe I'm going "home" on Wednesday night.

But. Anyway.

Must refrain from telling the cute boys I wanna kiss them. Because anyway I can't. Master said.

*pouts mightily*

Behold, my pout is mighty!

Oh please someone fast forward to 4:30 please now thank you.

EDIT: In e-mail to Zan: "I wanna pump that boy like super unleaded."

I don't know why these things come out of my mouth. I am not in control of this situation.
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