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Happy Monday!

Happy birthday to chiara607, gentleeleos, paradoxicalme, and scarletjezebel!

Hello to new readers filius_draconi, ghost_light, joe_christ, icybright, nuala, and returning reader elorie! If anyone else added me, let me know. The number flux has confuzzled me.

Conversations with Yendi
Me, regarding volta: "He does sense-making things." Pause. "So I have no idea why he's with me."

Him, regarding - well, me in general, but specifically nipple-tweaking: "You just treat life as a constant game of Calvinball."

I love my man.

I did a sense-making thing!
I checked how much anti-seizure medication I had to see if I have enough for Vegas! And I don't, so I called in for a refill. It's the little things. I would generally have forgotten that. My brainmeats are working. Yay brainmeats!

Hair, Redux
I was bemoaning the state of my hair - not just the thinning-to-normal-thickness, but the fact that it was so frizzy. Also, it's almost straight most of the time now, where it used to be curly.

So I switched shampoos.

I am all ringletty today.

This pleases me.

Working on transferring all of the Shayara bits I wrote in my wmga notebook last month to my computer. 6,000+ words as of now. I apparently wrote a lot.

That 6K doesn't include the porn. I'm not transcribing the porn. And hey, only half of the porn involves Capri (in icon). Go me!

The security people at the airport were very amused by my collar.

"Can you take off your necklace?"
"Ummm - actually, it locks on. And I've left the key at home."
"You know we'll have to search you, right."
"So! I guess you never want to take that off, huh?" with a grin.
"Heh. Yeah, it's... a thing..." (Elayna was standing right there.)
"Uh-huh. Okay, go ahead," she grinned.

Remind me to post about the flogger incident...

Thank you, drive through.
I'm too twittery to be coherent right now, so I'm going to shut up. For now. Y'all know that never lasts long.
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