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Fucking hell.

Last week, I referenced having thick hair. volta looked at me funny and said, "You don't have thick hair."

"Yes, I do."

"You have thin hair."

"No, [mutual acquaintance] has thin hair."

"Yeah. But you don't have thick hair."

Last night it sank in. I grabbed handfuls of my hair.

Well, handful, anyway.

I've been shedding a lot... but I didn't realize how much. My hair was ridiculously thick before, so it's merely average now. But... that's a lot of hair loss.

Today, something went clicky in my head and I googled...

Yes, drastic weight loss - I think my 40 pounds in six months qualifies as "drastic" - can cause hair loss/thinning. Thankfully, only on a temporary basis; WebMD says it can correct in about a year, and this site says "It is only about 2 months after the shock that the new hairs coming up through the scalp push out the "dead" club hairs and increased hair fall is noticed. Thus, paradoxically, with this type of hair loss, hair fall is a sign of hair regrowth."

Well, good.


Down to 94.5 pounds today.

From 97 a week ago.

Yes, I'm calling the doctor tomorrow.

No, this isn't happy-making. I would like to stop losing weight now, please.

No, I'm not dieting - I told kires on Thursday that he can now testify to this, as he watched me chow down on pretzel nuggets and a popcorn at the movies. And I'm going through Double Stuf Oreos like no one's business. And I'm still losing weight. I thought it had slowed down....

Hadn't realized.

Am pretty spooked now, thanks.

So! Doctor Monday. And I'll be in Vegas with volta from the 9th to the 16th, so I'll have someone keeping an eye on me and making sure I eat adequately.

My body's in shock.

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