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*does a little bit of laundry*
*does a little bit of unpacking*
*cannot handle it*

This is insane. I'm physically weak. Not just exhausted. Frail. Not sick sick though. But - tummy queasy, muscles tired. Weak.

I don't have enough energy to put away laundry.

I guess this is moving stress plus the accompanying physical stress plus the accompanying sleep-dep. I've reached a pausing point - unpacked enough to live for a few days without another hardcore unpacking drive, no out-of-town guests, Miss Kid leaving in the morning, etc. - so. Systems crash.

I set aside Elayna's travel clothes (can't find the suitcase). And that was the only thing that Must Get Done Today. So.

I'm putting myself on bed rest.

Because my body cannot handle a normal level of activity. Which feels very weird.

I'm also taking a vacation from my friends page, at least til Monday. I'm likely to post a little, but very unlikely to read my friends page. No energy. I've paused several times just writing this.

I am unwell. I am taking steps to take care of myself. Which is Progress. I'm proud of myself.

Now I'm going to have some cinnamon-clove tea and curl up with the new Michael Marshall Smith book. And very likely nap. Which I never ever do. But I am just that tired.
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