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Happy Friday!

Wow - happy birthday to azurelunatic, gutman, trouvera, wiseheron, and zeppo!

Hello to new reader shaddragon; was most excellent to meet you.

Rash Reflection
Not the evil Lamictal rash, thank the gods. She checked me out and said, "Hm. Have you been under any stress lately?"

A little more than usual, yes. :)

So! Stress-related dermatitis, I have steroid cream, I can cease the out-freaking.

I know I can wig out at things that sometimes turn out to be minor. Nine times out of ten, I'll be fine.

That tenth time's a doozy, though.

*bone-cracking yawn*
Up til 4 last night. Tummy floopy. Bodycrash. I am home.

On the Bright Side
Once my tummy settles, I'll have more time to pack for Miss Kid's trip.

I still need a ride to the airport tomorrow morning.

That is all for now....
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