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More Q&A

What gets you up in the morning? What is your happy thought? What helps you go to sleep at night?
Elayna is my happy thought, my Reason...

Is Atlanta The Place for you or is there somewhere else you hope to live someday?
I don't know if there is a The Place for me; I'm tumbleweedy. I think I'd like a smaller town.

How are you preparing for both the positive and negative emotions that Vegas is going to bring up for you? Anything specific?
Nah - pretty much steeling myself and playing it by ear.

What should I wear tonight!?
Too late! But you chose wisely.

Hmm... Corn or ju ju beans?
Do you mean candy corn? If so, candy corn, totally!

If you had the power to put one of the three axed Whedon shows back on the air, which would it be?
Ooooh, good one! Hm. Buffy ran its course. Angel was just getting good this last season...

But it's gotta be Firefly. So much potential, such a great story, great cast charisma... I want to see what happens next!

Do your characters wrench the story away from you and turn it to their own nefarious ends, or is it only mine that have those bad habits?
Mine do that aaaalll the time.

If they could genitically alter your next child, would you do it and if so... how would you alter your future child's genes???
Eeep! I don't think I would. Something to be said for having what you're meant to have.

Ideally, what would like to be like?
Mmm. I have the site design in my brainmeats... icons that you could mouse over to see where they lead... sections for different sorts of writing... I'd like to put the Shayara files there, have lots of background info... I hate the way it looks/works now. That was the ex just imposing his crappy design on my site. I want it to look like it's meant to; it's been a placeholder for too long!

Where were you born?
Florida. Incidentally, your "tell me something" made me blush!

How did Father's Day go?
Pretty well... we got him kitchen stuff, and he loved it. :)

What is the value of Pie to the last morsel?
3.14... crumbs.

Which hallucinogens have you done?
Just the basics - acid & shrooms.

Were you ever scared to be a mom? To know that a beautiful, intelligent child was your responsiblity? I love my daughter dearly, but I am often scared that it is *me* she has to depend on...
You've summed it up perfectly. Terrifying.

Will I ever find someone to love?
*hug* I do believe that you will.

What celebrity do you think you most closely resemble?
None! I seriously don't think I look like any of 'em.

Does "Master says no sex with anyone but him" feel different from monogamy to you? If so, how?
It does.... because it's not that I can NEVER have sex with anyone but him. I just need permission. It'll be a while til I get it, because he needs to know the person very well in order to trust them with his girl...

How is the settling in process going in the new house?
Oy! I'm limited on time... it'll be a lot easier once we get Miss Kid off to Boston/NY/Cape Cod/Florida for summer vacation, as I'll be able to put her room together and thus clear a path in the library to get all of the other boxes taken care of.

Ask/Tell me more!
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