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Do you know anyone who could help me in getting back to London permanently, like job contacts etc...?
I don't think I do. Anyone out there?

how did you get down to 98 lbs? What did you weigh before?
I weighed 135 before. I was diagnosed with epilepsy in October and put on a medication that made me constantly nauseous - not a "diet" I'd recommend! :)

What piece of Shayara merchandise would you most like to see created? (e.g. an action figure, clothing item, lunchbox, whatever)
Ooooh. Well, we did T-shirts for DragonCon '02. But you just put action figures into my head. So yeah, action figures, totally.

What's your favorite album?
That varies so strongly! Right now, it's Flogging Molly, Drunken Lullabies.

If I lived closer would you meet me for a drink?

What's your favorite thing about the new house?
My office, hands down.

What has been the best day you have spent with just you and Elayna?
Hm! Honestly, I don't know that I can single one out...

You have nice hair. Please describe, in detail, your hair-care routine.
Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

$QUESTION re: my sex life with Yendi
That's personal. No, I'm not offended. No, he's not offended. Yes, he can have sex with someone else if he wants to... but he's wired for monogamy, so he's unlikely to.

Have your parents acknowledged the fact that you were indeed abused as a child?
Mom has... never saying anything about it, mind, but she has. Dad never knew.

You've had your collar now for a while. How does it affect you daily?
Affects me in such a variety of ways... that deserves a post all its own!

Who put the bom in the bom, bambom, babom?
Same guy who put the ram in the ramma lamma ding dong.

are you naked under those clothes?
Why, yes! How did you know? Was my epidermis showing?

Do you go to any scene conferences?
I went to Fantasm. Which was sooo lame this year.

Miss Kid; pierced ears or not? And if so, at what age is it okay?
No pierced ears. My perspective is pretty identical to yours, which I'll quote here: "We're not going to let [kid] get her ears pierced until we think she's old enough to handle the responsibility AND she asks to have it done. We're going to make it something special because it's pretty much a permanent body alteration."

I want a large back tattoo that will be seen when I bellydance at events. I'm torn between continuing with an ocean theme (I have a large mermaid on my calf) and getting a huge octupus with his tentacles wrapping, or shadowy zebra stripes on my spine?
Mmm. For bellydancing, I think I'd go with the zebra stripes.

Has there ever been a time when you didn't have Shayara or some incarnation of it in your head? what would you do if they ever left?
Yes. My first stories were sci-fi and horror.
I don't know. I cannot imagine not living with Story...

Do you know any non-profit managers? I'm FUCKED!
I don't think I do. Readers? Anyone?

Where should we go for our Summer vacation? New Orleans to visit a lot of friends or New York to visit a single friend? Or should we go somewhere far away from EVERYONE?
Far far away! I am (Vegas, June 9-16). Recommendation: If you end up doing New Orleans, have ONE get-together to see everyone; doing a lunch here, a dinner there, will cut your vacation time to little bitty bits.

How's the comic working out--like as far as printing and such?
The first eight pages will appear in Shooting Star Comics Anthology later this year!

Uh, why is your poll information showing in German? (or is that just my puter freaking out?)
LJ sometimes does that. It's usually Russian, though.

Responses to "Tell me anything":
Blerg: Duuude.
Dreamcowgirl: Luck to you!
Bookalicious: Cool. :)
aViva: Dayum, woman. :)
ImortalScot: Indeed they are. I am short and have a Hyundai.
Harpseal: Rrow!

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