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I'm at home.

On dialup.

The shame....

The theory at this point is the BellSouth fuxx0red the orders - switching to this house and then disconnecting this house instead of disconnecting the old house and switching over to this house. They're going to call yendi back tomorrow.

Anyway. volta seems to be getting accustomed for me whipping out my notebook whenever he leaves the room for more than 30 seconds. He went to the bathroom on Sunday and I wrote this and I'm posting it for twisteddaydream. It's a five-minute nothing. It just popped into my head. First-gen braindump, standard rules apply.

He watched her step out of the car and take in the spectacle that was the Sanctuary – a literal oasis in the desert, forests and meadows nestled in the red rock canyons. He always met visitors at the door, if at all possible; he loved that first expression of wonder.

Especially from the kids.

This one felt his attention and turned toward him. Solemn little face, waist-length auburn hair – both of her parents were Tamrani, but you’d never know it by her face… part of why she was unwanted, poor girl.

He knelt by her side to shake her hand. “Hey – I’m Jason. Welcome to the Sanctuary.”

She nodded gravely. “Pleased to meet you. I’m Contessa Marie Stone.”

Stone. Not ni’Tamra. The castoff child – not Tamrani enough, not strong enough, to pass as the Lishaya that the Council was breeding for. By her introduction, she had to know that, at least a little.

She was here because the Council felt that she was unworthy of their attention, even to neutralize her. This little girl in her nicest Sunday dress… she was nothing to them.

She was something to him.

“I’m very pleased to meet you, Miss Contessa Marie. Let’s go… we don’t have many students right now, so you get to pick your own room.”

She nodded again, unsmiling.

He hoped to make her smile someday soon.
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