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One from the "anonymous" bin...

This is something that's been addressed before, notably in Rollick's Doom Thread. The Blog-A-Thon and cookie sale parts, anyway. So I'll address it here.

Mr./Ms. Anonymous has the following to say:

Song, I feel like I have to write this. It should tell you something that I am doing it under a random screen name, and not my own, despite the fact that I've been reading you for well over a year, because I'm worried that you'd drag my name through the mud or turn your readership against me. At 800 people, that's a lot of folks to avoid.

I really resent when you beg your readership for help. You beg more than anyone I've ever seen on LJ. Money for blog-a-thon, cookies for your daughter, begging for help moving, but the last straw for me was asking people to clean your house. Where do you get off doing that? You were in town, volta was in town, and yes, I realize you get limited time with him, but for heaven's sake! You're seeing him again in eight days! You two could have taken one day of the few he was with you this time, and cleaned your own house. That's just abusing your readership. That's a task that you either do yourself, or PAY someone to do, not mooch off someone, not tell them you "owe them big time."

I realize that it was her own decision to volunteer. But you shouldn't have asked in the first place. That's just plainly and simply rude.

Unedited. There you go.

My response, extended from my original comment:

Blogathon: The money for Blogathon goes directly to charity. I'll spell it out one more time: The money goes to charity. In my case, RAINN. Not one penny of that money goes to me. I mean, they sent me a T-shirt in thanks for raising $2,000 for them. But I already had one. The only thing that I myself get out of Blog-A-Thon is the high of knowing that by doing a fairly goofy thing, I've raised a hell of a lot of money for a good cause.

Girl Scouts: Over 70% of the money raised by cookie sales goes directly to the council and the troop. Again - I don't see a penny of this. Girl Scout Cookie money pays the rent on the Service Unit Center, where lots of programs for the girls are hosted. It pays for badges for the girls. For educational trips. For the Father/Daughter Dance. For charity projects, like the Christmas shoebox gifts for homeless kids.

I have no qualms about "begging" for these purposes. None of this money goes to me. Is that a difficult concept? It goes to support rape crisis centers. It goes to support Girl Scouting.

Are these things I ought to be ashamed of?

Regarding moving: I'm physically incapable of doing much in that area. I did what I could. I did more than was healthy for me to do. And I suffered for it.

But personally? I've never known someone to move without asking their friends for help. You?

Regarding the housecleaning: Person A volunteered. I said great. Person A wandered out of town. Hence my panic.

We paid magenta_girl to clean the house. It's something she does for a living. Therefore we paid her. I said "We owe you big time" because she gave us a sizable discount - but there was no way we were not going to pay her.

I believe that I am allowed to ask someone to do what they do for a living, and pay them for doing so. I really don't see how that can be seen as "abusing" my "readership". I don't see as how it's any different from volta getting a massage from kaliwohi this weekend. kaliwohi is a professional massage therapist. We called. He came and gave volta a massage. volta paid him. Is that objectionable? If so, you're going to have to elaborate, because I'm not getting it.

If you resent the fact that I raise money for charity or ask for help moving or talk about my friends, don't read me.

And you oughtn't to be afraid to use your name. Many people can testify that I don't "drag [their] name through the mud]" or "turn [my] readership against [them]". I lack the time, energy, and motivation for that crap.

Grow up and use your real name. I don't care if you use it here. But it's simply cowardly to get a SuperSekrit account to say something instead of simply e-mailing me with your concerns.

Personally, I'm just addressing this here in case anyone else was harboring the misconception that I was "mooching". Personally, I don't know why people devote so much thought to these things. I'm a name on a computer screen for most of you people. Seriously.

In conclusion!

magenta_girl cleans houses in Atlanta (weekends) and Columbia, SC (weekdays). I highly recommend her - she did an absolutely amazing job on our house.

kaliwohi and faekitty are professional massage therapists, both working in Atlanta. volta's had a massage from kaliwohi, and I've had one from faekitty. Again - highly recommended.

I don't recommend these people simply because they're my friends. I recommend them because they're damn good at what they do.

And seriously, y'all. This is just plain silly.
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