Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Happy Tuesday!

Happy birthday to alleigh and alphafenris!

Food for Thought
Much of it, this weekend.

Eight days til I see him next.

The Move!
The move is over! Many thanks to our last-minute moving crew, who busted their asses to help us get the last of the crap out of there by Saturday evening - and thank the gods for magenta_girl, who busted her ass to get the house clean... we owe you big time, hon.

Now we just need to continue setting up the new house... first order of business: Elayna's clothes. I have to pack her summer stuff to ship to Florida.

Jack's Total Exhaustion
Up too late. Most nights I was okay staying up way late, but for some reason, it's all caught up with me today...

Transcribed 2K words from my wmga notebook. They are now happily on my computer.

I need a printer. I so very much need a printer.

Wrote a piece this weekend about the arrival at the Sanctuary of ten-year-old Contessa Marie Stone.

Also, showed irana the "death of a major character". She yelled "no" a lot. And threatened to kill me. I shall take that as a compliment.

Skinny Puppy Concert
I may have an escort to the concert. 'Twould be most excellent.

Still not set up at home. yendi will be working on this today. Have not read anything since Friday midafternoon.

Rhetorical Questions in Pop Music #17
"Annie, are you okay?"
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