Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Just stuff.

Coming up with bios and first entries for the Shayara in-character journals is a bitch.

I shall not rush it. I shall wait.

Suggestions on bios are welcomed, incidentally.

I *should* make sure everyone has everyone they ought to have friended friended, at least. Tuesday, probably. I am having a weekend of volta. Yay!

Incidentally, we need everything out of the house by tomorrow night. I'm not looking to have heavy stuff hualed; that's already done. I just need chauffeur services. Yes, volta has a car, but it's a rental and they charge by the mile so I don't want to overuse it...

I used to have parties every Memorial Day, Labor Day, Fourth of July... my parents had a pool. I was known for my kickass holiday parties.

These days, it's just Halloween and Thanksgiving. Which is, these days, about what I can handle. My life is a lot busier now than it was in Florida. Not in a negative way, mind, but... it is.

Just... a life shift. That I hadn't noticed until today.

I will have a housewarming party. Likely in late June, as I'm going to Vegas in midJune.

Other than that... maybe it's because I spend more time socializing with more friends. LEWD, JavaMonkey trips... I see big batches of my friends on a regular basis, so there really isn't a need to have a party in order to get everyone together.

I dunno. It just is.

Yes, work has ground to a halt, why do you ask? *laugh*

I'll be shutting down anonymous commenting now, since I've not net access at home and thus cannot moderate any goings-on. I'll put it back up on Tuesday so y'all can confess some more.

Have a great weekend, everyone...
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