Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Writing just now.... m0usegrrl put Johnathan and Napalm in my head. Dude, that's the antiporn right there.

But my brain made a sharp left, and they're arguing now about Lily. Another of Lyric's personalities. The secondary one. Who's a stone bitch. Who Johnathan's fucking. And of course, given how Napalm feels about Lyric...

I like Lily more now, actually. She's bitchy, yeah, but it's less a malicious bitchy than a "girl in her late teens discovering her power to manipulate guys" bitchy. She's still not a nice girl. But she's more "human" now.

Of course she tells Napalm a few things about his feelings for Lyric that he doesn't want to hear.

Of course she then tries to get him in bed.

Of course she then switches back to Lyric, who is very confused to be holding a lit cigarette, and who must be told to hitch that robe back up on her shoulder.

(No, Napalm wouldn't've had sex with Lily. It would damage Lyric. Not physically, no. But it would hurt her, even if she *does* want him, because she wants him in that abstract puppy-love way. Which is why she'll never have him. Not in bed. He's too good a guy to do anything that even remotely feels like taking advantage of her.)

EDIT: And if you make "my fandom" icons and communities for my characters, you get presents... *blows kisses*
Tags: shayara.johnathan, shayara.lily, shayara.lyric, shayara.napalm, writerbrain
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