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Just keeping this window open for a bit and adding things as they occur to me.

* It's good to have friends. Right now, it's particular good to have really close friends. The sort that no one knows are remotely that close. So people are incautious around them.

* Temptation. Oh, temptation. And no, this has nothing to do with anything I've been posting about. Lowkey offLJ stuff. I am being a Good Girl. But ohhhh, temptation. volta is the only person I'm allowed to have sex with. He is the boss of me. And I love it. So I guess I'm enjoying riding the temptation... but hoping that at some point in the coming months I receive permission.

* Yes, I'm cranky this morning. Floating in that beautiful subspace haze until I got cranky-making news. Expect to return to haze.

* No coffee yet today. Need coffee. This is probably almost certainly contributing to my crankiness.

* Yes, of course there are people I can't stop thinking about. Yes, in the good way.

* Unpacking and begging for rides for Yendi driving me crazy. Stop. Breathe.

* kires said that it's a good thing I've chosen to use my powers for good, as he sees what I could do. Which makes me think that, intuiting what I could do, some peple assume that I do do those things. If that makes sense. Of course, kires and other intelligent people know.

I could.

I don't.

* volta in two days. Four whole days of Volta-y goodness. Then another week of Volta-y goodness - in Vegas - starting June 9.

* Conversation last night...
Me: "I've actually been doing much better with the dizzy spells -"
bheansidhe: "No you have not-"
Me: "...this weekend. It's been better this weekend."
bheansidhe: "Way to qualify that statement, 'song."

* At 300mg, I get the horrible dizzy spells. Less than 300mg won't control the seizures. I don't want to try another medication, because weaning me off this one and working me up the next one would leave me with a three-month period of little to no coverage. I don't want more seizures. Hey, at least now I'm only having a documented side effect, I'm no longer presenting things that make the neuro say "Interesting!"

* Very much in my own little space right now.

* Probably going to do some reading-list cuts in the next few weeks simply because the volume is overwhelming me. Let me know if you care about me keeping you. Drop me if you want to so I can save space for people who do want on. Not doing cuts today due to crankiness. EDIT: I am not gonna respond to every comment regarding cuts. So don't think that I'm going to cut you if I don't respond. I'm just busy.

* The reason I get big tax returns? After figuring in the child tax credit and the day-care credit, I'm below the poverty line. So I get back everything that they took.

* Cranky. Need coffee. Need lunch companion.

Shutting up now.
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