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Happy Tuesday!

Happy birthday to laurelian!

I used to have someone who, whenever I had an issue with someone that led to me defriending them, popped up in their journal with "oh, we have a lot in common," and essentially tried to recruit them to her way of thinking.

Now I have someone who friends my LJfriends - not readers, but people that I'm closer to than the average person - and fills their heads with vicious lies.

Don't think I don't get told. It doesn't work on everyone, y'know.

Either way, people willing to believe the lies of a histrionic asshole aren't worth my time anyway. I've got very little time to deal with things I want to deal with anyway. Some people just don't know how to let go... some people find it necessary to go on campaigns.

Some people's friends, when hearing what actually transpired last year, have said that that makes a lot more sense than what some people claimed to have happened. Some people's friends say that my side of the story fits the person they've known for years - and that person's portrayal of themselves, their behavior, and my behavior just did not fit that person's personality at all, or that person's past reactions in similar situations.

Occam's Razor. The person can play the martyr all they want, but when it comes down to it? Their story doesn't match what people who really know them - not easily-swayed online people - know of them. The simplest possible explanation is the truth.

Moving Report
In fits and starts. I didn't have much time to unpack & stuff because of LEWD. LEWD, incidentally, did occur; it was very low-key and slow to occur as people found their way to the new house.

Twilight Zone/EdwardScissorhandsLand
One of our neighbors brought us a pie to welcome us to the neighborhood.

Yes. One of our neighbors. Brought us a pie. To welcome us to the neighborhood.

Oh my gollygoshkins. I did not know that people still did that. But yeah. This is a really good neighbohood. Oh, wait til the rest of you guys see my house; I love it...

Okay. I go now. Must write. Yesterday's writing log: Tension between Katrianna and her half-brother Trey, and Capri surprises Kieran.
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