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Happy Monday!

Happy birthday to dydan!

Hello to new reader rafaela!

Blessed Relief!
The internet! Yay!

I am so 'net-dependent, y'all. And we have no idea when we'll get DSL at the house. But all weekend I kept almost running down to do a quick e-mail check. It's a reflex; whenever I'm between tasks, I check e-mail. So. Gah.

And poor yendi is home with Miss Kid and has no net access. And no TV. Yee. Well, he has plenty of books, and so does she, and he expressed an intent to work on the kitchen today. And she has her room to organize.

Seriously. Help?
Lots of stuff still needs to come over. Little stuff, except for the two bookcases and the kitchen cabinetthingie. But stuff nonetheless.

Including the TV and DVD player, so if any of y'all at LEWD tonight want to watch anything - you may wanna lend a hand. Seeing as yendi can't drive and I can't lift the TV. The DVD player I can get on the way home, plus some of the small stuff. But the TV? No way.

Different kind of help!
We bought a floor lamp yesterday! Like this, but with each shade a different color. Exactly the kind I've been wanting. However... it was a previously-sold lamp, and not only was it missing instructions and two of the light bulbs, several of the shades had been swapped out - so it's not a rainbow lamp, it's a red-and-yellow-only lamp.

So yendi needs a ride to JCPenney to exchange it.

This is a priority, as the area by the couch is the only area in the house that isn't well-lit.

If you can help in any small way, please call yendi's cell phone. Not our regular number - we have no phone service yet.

If you don't have that number, e-mail me at shadesong AT

I'm doing my best/And I'm doing all I can
I did more driving this weekend than I have since my diagnosis. Six trips between houses Saturday morning. Target, three trips between houses, Decatur, Northlake mall, supermarket yesterday. I did this by not taking my meds til I was done with errands, around 3:00. And I suffered for it, taking my doses so close together.

But I can't focus enough to drive after taking my medicine. I cannot. It's the buildup in my system that keeps the seizures at bay... but it's my body processing the daily dose that causes the side effects.

I'm trying, I'm doing all I can, but this is not good for me; this is very bad for me. So I'd really appreciate it if people could lend us a hand. Just to JCPenney. Or just one trip to the old house and back.

Settling In
The unpacking goes apace, and while there are boxes everywhere, of course, I think we're doing fairly well. My closet is almost done, the books are all either on shelves or in staging - just need two more bookcases to have the entire fiction section shelves, save for the anthologies, but those can stay in boxes for the nonce. A-D are all over the place and need shelving.

Yes, I'm shelving backwards. Because I knew where the cases had to end, but not how far they'd extend, especially because we're moving them in shifts, that's why.

But we have a nice little sitting area, and the dining room's set up. And we're loving having a pantry. Etc.

One Good Thing
The good thing about no net access at home? No goofing off when I should be working on the house.

I promise you posts with no house content later today!
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