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It's surprisingly easy to forget how stupid people are.

I mean, I guess I'm lucky to have readers - and readees, if that can be considered a word - who are actually intelligent. Who are capable of using logic. Who aren't mind-blowingly idiotic.

I have taken this for granted. I have forgotten that the majority of LJers, as is often said, are absolute morons.

Wow. Just... wow.

And do remind me that I don't have time to fight a battle of wits with not only an unarmed person, but a person who probably doesn't know what "unarmed" means. Seriously. I have a desire to educate the public in basic logic, but in some cases, ain't nothing I can do; my brain function just doesn't go that low. No time. I am moving, dammit. It's just difficult to pack boxes with all these boxes in the way... not a big enough house. Which is why we're moving.

Anyway, yes. Wow. I'm a lucky girl, to have readers who do not visit rampant idiocy upon me.
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