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Rape jokes and child molestation jokes?

Never. Funny.

If you think they are, get the fuck off my journal right now.

No, no one made one to me. I just saw one in someone else's thread. Sick fuck. (The commenter, not the journaller.)

There are things that should never be joked about. And have you noticed that only men make rape jokes? Hm. Hm, I say. To the wannabe funnyguys, I'd say try getting raped and see if you still think it's funny. But I don't wish anything of that horrifying magnitude on anyone.

Just erased two paragraphs because they're too damn graphic. Another time.

Rape jokes and child molestation jokes are not. fucking. funny.

Have I gotten that through everyone's head?


I'm going to go crank up iTunes and pack and try to push that shit out of my head.
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