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It doesn't get any better than this.

I'd been telling my boss about the new house and the timing of it all... gorgeous, bigger house, up for rent just as our current lease expires... all the perks... having an office... my parents loaning us deposit money, and our friend loaning us first month's rent... the perfect timing of everything...

The only thing I was worried about: we're between paychecks, and are therefore cash-poor. The landlady just pro-rated us, so we only paid $500-something - but having to pay that plus first months' rent meant we wouldn't be able to pay our friend the entire amount back immediately. And I was fretting over affording all of the aforementioned pizza and beer, in addition to the stuff we're likely to need for the house, plus any unforeseen moving expenses....

I just looked at our account balance.

My $3,000 tax return just hit.


We can pay back our friend - I'm writing that check today. (I hate owing money. It makes me all itchy.) We can afford what we need, and some of the things we want.



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