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I am wearing a bright yellow sticker right now. My shirt is sweat-soaked, my face is flushed, and my hair is a mess, but I don't care about any of that, because I have my sticker, and this sticker makes me feel beautiful.

It says "Field Day Volunteer".

Got there just as the kids were queuing up... Elayna couldn't believe her eyes. I never make it to school events, you see; my job doesn't have much kid-event leeway to begin with, and Field Day is usually right before commencement over here, so I just can't. This year, I could. And my kid's face lit up when she saw me. :)

There were whatever-yard dashes, and sack races, and balloon relays, and a tug-of-war; I made myself hoarse screaming "Go Elayna!", and cheering on the other kids in her class. I dumped bottled water over her head - it's HOT out there! - and she screamed and laughed. I helped keep the class together. I scrounged together enough change to buy five kids popsicles; the memo had said nothing about popsicle sales, so not many of the kids had money. I hung out with her and her friends.

I was only going to take an hour, but I took two - when I told her I was about to go, she nodded sadly, and I went to get my purse. When I turned back to her, though, she was sobbing... and I decided to stay. She told friends for the rest of the time, "Mommy might get in trouble at work, but she can work through lunch to make it up - she might get in trouble but she decided to stay with me."

You're worth it, kid. You are so very worth it.
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