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On writers and non-writers

I was discussing this with kaliwohi at lunch...

I don't understand how non-writers' brains work.

I have another world in my head. It's all I talk about sometimes... because it occupies such a large portion of my mind. Unless I'm horribly depressed, rest assured that while I'm sitting there hanging out with you, part of my mind is following a plot thread to see where it'll go.

This is so much a part of me that I don't know how people without this process information. And kaliwohi doesn't know how people like me process information.

The latter is... difficult to conceptualize. Information processing is very much a dialogue in my head. I process me-information. Part of that, by necessity, gets transferred to Shayara-information, because things that are on my mind will come out on paper. Then the characters will surprise the hell out of me with how they react to things, which leads me back to evaluating me-things in a new context.

That's... the least complicated way I can say that. And it's *still* not right.

It's just that this is always in my head. It flavors everything. And if some of my posts here seem a little structured, it's because that's how my brain handles things; I am a storyteller, even with nonfiction. (Of course, I'm more frequently a mess here, because things just pop out without me thinking about them at all.)

I don't know how I would think without story in me.

And, likewise, nonwriters find writerstuff completely foreign to them.

I told kaliwohi that this would make an excellent study. If it was at all studiable.
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