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Set phasers on 'random'!

I have my new bathing suits from They are racing suits. Zoom zoom zoom!

Oh gods someone rescue me from this office. So. Boring. I. Am. Going. Mad.

I still want McDonalds. Someone needs to bring me McDonalds.

Zoom zoom zoom! I wanna go swimming. I anticipate this urge increasing exponentially during the move. I want to be underwater.

I am also wanting the luscious fuckings, oh yes.

Shopping on Femail Creations for house stuff led me to check Hot Topic for shower curtains because they have cute ones, and of course I had to check out dresses because Master made me all girly, and guess what guess what? I'm a size 1 at Hot Topic. That's kinda weird.

Don't worry - I have most of my appetite back. The other day I had a hummus plate *and* a big slice of chocolate cake for lunch. Not starving self.

mightywombat worries about me. In his low-key sorta-gruff way. I am cared about.

I do not know why I'm obsessed with haikujaguar's character Keshul.

I want to move this weekend. I want to move this weekend. I want to move this weekend. What I tell you three times is true.

If I go to McDonalds, I am unlikely to finish my writing-marathon journal. I don't care. I need horrible cheeseburgers.

McDonalds, man.

Zoom zoom zoom.

Take me to McDonalds, dammit.
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