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Happy Wednesday!

Happy birthday to blow_saidjulian!

Hello to new reader dopy!

We still don't know if we're moving this weekend. I just found the landlady's home # - we'd been calling the cell, but what if there's a problem with it? - and yendi will call today.


Writing Marathon
The coffee is tonight. I have about 30 pages left in my book; I shall have to go balls-out at lunch. Karla, Satia, IndieQueen, Skyra, how are you on yours?

Kires out the door. Poor Kires. He had many airline misfortunes that I'm sure he'll detail on his own LJ. Stressy-time or not, it was verra nice having him around.

Yeah, this is brief today. Wanna get caught up on friends page, do some writing, then braid my hair.
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