Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
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20-someodd years ago in Shayara...

I have a picnic scene in my mind that I'd love m0usegrrl to draw; I'm picturing it a little Vess-esque, with art deco borders. Family picnic.

Donna's the youngun' in the crowd by a few years - a childhood mascot and adult friend.

Thomas and Elizabeth Halloran are at the other end of the scale; their oldest son, Michael, is already a teenager. He'll grow up to be the Kithrayn of his House. Briefly. Tagging along with him is his kid brother Daniel, who'll inherit the mantle during the Purges, when his entire family dies.

James and Lily ni'Narsan are watching their son Kieran give little Capri a piggyback ride. They'll both pass away before the Purges, leaving Kieran to be raised by Donna.

Capri's parents, Jessa and Marcus Donnelly, are talking animatedly with Thomas and Elizabeth. Jessa has dandelions stuck in her hair; Capri keeps bringing them to her.

Fenris stands back from the group. Always on guard. For their part, Jeramie and Kristian are not in attendance; neither of them has ever been close to this particular group. Jeramie moves in different circles. Kristian is a circle unto himself.

There were people before the people that you've met. There are parents and grandparents; there is history. Annie Farrell married Nicholas Powers, the boy every girl had a crush on in their Sanctuary days. Tess had a group before this group, and I have their stories and the stories of their parents. That particular group of Tess's had, like Napalm, been steeped overmuch in comic book lore; they all had code names. They're the children of the characters in one of the first Shayara stories, one that, like Annie's original story, didn't have the city of Shayara in it at all. Ariane and Mara, the daughters of Tia and Tony Lowell; poor Tia, whose mind was burnt out by power to great for her to handle. Megan's son Damon, a pyrokinetic. Michael Cameron Jr., empath, dreamwalker - cousin of Katrina Stone, who is the mother of Alanna, Tess, Katrianna, and Julia.

I don't know if you'll ever get those stories. You may not. But these people are there.
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