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It's a train wreck, really.

These conversations just happen to murnkay and I. They... just... yeah. X-Men geekery and Invader Zim and.... yeah.

Upon discussion of the resurgence of 80s/90s characters & stuff in X-Men...

Me: As long as they don't bring back Artie & Leech and put 'em in black leather...

Monkey: ARTIE! LEECH! Totally! They can be all badass and grown up now and have cool names like "Useless and the Silent Pink One"

Me: They can be goth.

Monkey:*swoon* That's it. That's fucking well it! They can be goth and form the X-dressers

Me: Let's pitch it to Marvel! They can sell Artie & Leech t-shirts at Hot Topic!

Monkey: "let's pitch it to Marvel" Tied to a brick.

Me: A flaming brick of doom. Dooooom Brick!

Monkey: Zin on DVD today. Today.

.... Dude.

[Wolverine] I don't knwo about the new kid Scott.
[Cyclops] Give it time Logan, give it time.

[Zim] Yes! Foolish humans! Give me a costume! A COSTUME! Ride the Sentinel Gir! RIDE THE SENTINEL!

Me: Oh my fuck. *gigglefit* I love you, man.

[Gir] I still have an optic blast in me!
[Zim] Gir, those are the pants. The pants go on your legs. Not your head. Damn it Gir!
[Gir] Look sir, Magneto.
[Zim] Come to me Magnet Lord! Bring me to the Asteroid M!
[Magneto] I was so better off dead.
[Jean] If I had a dollar for everytime I said that
[Cyclops] Jean!
[Wolverine] Jean!
[Jean] ... who's the cute new kid and why is covering himself in raw meat?
[Zim] Obey me!!!!

[Zim] Come Gir! We shall overthrow these wretched HOOOO-mans!
[Gir] Ok! I like tuna.
[Blob] No-thing can move... THE BLOB!
[Zim] Not even my Craptoblastospanglooy? *fires*
[Blob] Ow! My squigglyspooch!
[Dib] How can they let Zim on the X-Men! He isn't a mutant! HE'S AN ALIEN! AN ALIEN!
[Beast] Kid, calm down, why is he an alien huh? Cause he's green and has no ears and comes from outer space to destroy us all?
[Dib] ... exactly!
[Beast] Ok. Let me explain Cable to you..

[three weeks later]

[Dib] Zim, I owe you an apology...
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