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I am dusty and sweaty. *makes face* So far, weeding through our fiction section is the most time-consuming thing we've been doing. We're up to the Ss.

I'm really feeling like we're moving now. My desk? My nightstand? Bare. (And dusty.) We had to buy more big black trash bags for the stuff going to Goodwill; you can barely get into the kitchen, they're blocking the way. yendi's going to go through the shed this week.

My level of exhaustion last night was just.... yeah. Need to pace myself... but I'm so damn stubborn. I'd likely have done something godsawful to my back while yendi and Elayna were at karate yesterday had kires not been there to move boxes for me.

I'm getting myself through this by planning out the house in my head. The living room is huge and L-shaped; one part of the L will be lined with bookcases. I need attractive DVD storage, dammit, but our current stuff will have to do. One "problem" is that the windows take up pretty much the entire wall; this restricts where we can put things. Lots of natral light, though. :)

I have to choose between having a guest room or having my own office; I'm sorry, future guests. My mom actually suggested that I share the basement office with yendi. Um. No. Mom doesn't understand the need for a room of one's own. The basement office is a major part of why we jumped on this house! I was actually wondering how much it would cost to rent a studio space so I could work in privacy a few nights a week. But this is a whole big room for only $50 more, let alone the excellence of the rest of the house. I needed this. However, I'll likely get a futon when I can afford to do so, so people will have a better place to sleep than our painful sofabed. Yes, I can fit that into my office. That basement area is like a third of the house. There's a utility room down there too, but the office is still the length of the house. And it has its own door to the outside. Just... wow. Perfect.

Ach. And Mom wanted to know why I didn't take the extra bedroom upstairs as my office, as yendi is not tidy... no. I've gone without my own space for too long. He can have what's actually a bigger office than he has now - and I can have my office and altar space and stuff. Downstairs. Away from noise, which doesn't bother him near as much as it does me.

Elayna just ran behind me screaming happily and accidentally shoving my chair. I cannot wait to be the fuck out of here.

One thing we seriously need: picture frames. I have lots of niftykeen art that I want to hang...

Okay, noise level is too much. Can't concentrate on typing anymore right now. You see why you don't get more Shayara stuff? This is why you don't get more Shayara stuff.

Okay. Over and out.
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