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Noodling about the move...

Some of the more difficult things about this move....

a. As it's two weeks away, we have to be extra careful of what we pack, as we will likely NEED it between now and then.

b. volta's coming down next weekend. I don't see him often! I'd hate for it to be All Moving All the Time.

We've been offered a loan of the first month's rent, to be repaid when yendi and I get paid on the 27th. So we can move in next weekend instead of the following weekend.

So we're investigating that. What it'll likely come down to:

a. Can the utilities be switched over with that little notice?

b. Will our rent then be, say, the 23rd through the 23rd? Because we really need it to be due on the first, as we do not get money on the 23rd.

yendi's calling the new landlady right now to figure that out.

Personally... we've gone balls-out the past few days, and I'm in pain. My upfucked L5-S1 disc. Also, I'm having a bad side effects week; heavy spindizzies. I want this over. Now.

So I debated about the loan, but I guess I've decided to take it, if those two factors can be worked out to our satisfaction. I love the new house, I'm excited about the new house, I want to be there now, I don't want to have another two weeks of pain and frustration-at-being-spindizzy.
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