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Wishlist: stuff for the new house

Entertainment center.
The one we have is big and horribly bulky and heavy; more than that, it just doesn't suit our needs. Hell, the TiVo and the dishnetwork box are on top of the thing, because there's nowhere to put them in it. I'm thinking this one; it'll provide room for all of our stuff, and display area for the statues, too. No, we can't afford it, but we need something, and I'm not inclined to get a placeholder TV stand when we're going to need to get something like this in the near future anyway. I'll need to apply for Rooms to Go credit. Dammit. We just don't have room in our operating budget.

Microwave. Our current one came with the house; the new house is not equipped. Thankfully, microwaves are way cheap these days. This one is easy.

Desk Chairs. Mine is a cheapass no-back-support swivel chair. His is a broken folding chair.

Trash cans. I have a Home Depot gift card. I just need a ride there!

Wants, in no particular order
Ours are both kinda falling apart from being moved several times. They're the cheap some-assembly-required things. And as pkthunder said, we are old enough to have real hardwood furniture. This isn't a need, however; these serve the purpose for which they're intended. I'd just like something nicer. And I'd like a simple flat secretary desk so I can sit there and pay bills instead of hauling stuff over to the dining-room table, but that's very low-priority.

Bookcases. See desks. I'd like bookcases that match; ours are a mix of some-assembly-required shelves in light wood particleboard, dark wood particleboard, and white particleboard. I want uniformity. In light wood. This can be a gradual thing; we can replace one bookcase at a time until they're all done. If I won the lottery, I'd get Levenger bookboxes... *sigh* But 'tis not to be. I'll settle for real, sturdy bookcases.

Coffee Table. Ours lost two casters - is that what they're called? - on the bottom when we last moved, so now it wobbles terribly. Ideally, I'd like a coffee table that provides some discreet storage.

Ottomans. Cute little ones for friends to sit on. Too many friends, not enough couch space. There are worse problems. :)

Cedar Chest. We have spare blankets and pillows for guests; what we need is a place to store them!

A sleeper loveseat. We have one. It's old and kinda ratty. Friends are taking it off our hands. I'd like a nice one for my office, for guests to use - and for curling up on when I'm writing longhand.

A nice big corkboard. For my home office. I want to be able to put up all the nifty postcards I get!

That's enough for now.
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