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G.'s AB.

I'm A, Elayna's O... this means he's not her biological father.

Truth be told, it saddens me a bit. Him too. It was a wishful thinking thing. Hell, two days ago at school a kid told her his dad would beat up her dad, and when I picked her up she was crying: "It reminded me that I don't have a birth father."

Oh, my girl.

I reminded her that she had yendi, and she said he wasn't her father yet; that adoption certificate is the world to her. Partly, I think, because my ex-husband claimed he was going to adopt her, but then ignored the hell out of her throughout the marriage. yendi really is her dad in all but blood and law, and we'll be fixing the law thing come November.

So... it would have been nice. If she had a birth father who wanted to know her. *sigh*

But this is good, also - knowing that A + AB cannot equal O, there's no longer any doubt, and I'm back to the 50/50 I've been at for years. The wondering is gone.

But I do wish.
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